One, the question of why Medusa was painted as a shield. Medusa's Powers: Medusa was a worshiper of Athena and a guardian of her temple. For centuries, Agate has been heralded as a stone of remarkable balance and grounding energy. Because of this, its a good crystal for stress relief, and for stopping your mind from cycling through the same handful of worries over and over again, disrupting sleep and concentration. It will keep you from making decisions based on your wild emotions. You can wear it or place it on the chakra you want to activate. But patience is a virtue, and Dumortierite knows that. Thats because self esteem and a deeper insight into yourself your strengths and your weaknesses is the kind of energy that Tigers Eye offers. 2729 E Moody Blvd #702 Bloodstone is connected to the root chakra, which is that which anchors you most in physical reality. If you sometimes find that fear and self sabotage is getting in the way of your relationships, this might be the stone for you. Through these discoveries, you will feel emboldened in following your life path with renewed passion. Perseus, son of Zeus and mortal queen Dana, was on the quest to slay Medusa to save his mother from the clutches of King Polydectes who coveted her. She is an advocate of the exaltation of femininity. Through their ability to focus and amplify our power of concentration, they have found a valuable place in the practices of meditation and ritual. Its grounding and stabilizing energies will be beneficial during times of stress. This isnt always a comfortable process, but is necessary for spiritual growth and entering new phases of soul development. There is an element of purity to Shungite that can help you to recognize the means by which to keep things simple when you need to. choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. If it seems daunting, dont worry! Mother of Pearl, which is also known as nacre, is an iridescent layer of material that makes up the lining of many mollusks. If youre looking to broaden your horizons, learn a new language or explore a new country, Mookaite is the stone to choose. Buyer accepts responsibility for all customs related issues. If youve somehow forgotten lifes little joys, or never seem to have fun in anything you do, this crystal can help you let your more cheeky side out to play. Tiger's Eye is a natural Quartz-based stone that comes in gold, red, and blue varieties. It brings them into alignment, and helps you to find out which aspects of yourself most need healing and attention. Get exclusive deals, a discount for your next order, a free crystal course, and more. There is an ancient metaphysical belief that menstrual blood is the single most spiritually and magically powerful substance on Earth. Perseus beheaded Medusa while she slept, but her severed head retained its power to paralyze and turn viewers to stone. This black and white tattoo oozes mystical vibes as crystal tattoos should! Exploring beyond our physical bodies becomes all the more easy when Celestite is around. Since it is considered to be a water crystal, it gives the wearer a soothing feeling that can offer a great deal of comfort to them when they need it the most. Befitting the name, leave it to Tigers Eye to be the stone you need when its time to feel courageous. The essence of light and illumination makes Selenite a key crystal for anyone wanting to see the spiritual truth in things. Meditation with this crystal also awakens you to the cycles that guide much of life, and you can understand your own cyclic nature through this process. If you often feel bowled over by the strong personalities of others, or otherwise have a difficult time overcoming boisterous people, this crystal can not only keep you safe, but also help you to speak your mind. These inclusions often look like underwater scenes, landscapes, and gardens. Learn how your comment data is processed. Others show her as being very beautiful. It helps you to recognize when people are trying to pull the wool over your eyes, but it also can help to activate the stronger parts of your immune system. Mookaite is a crystal deeply connected to all that is physical and tangible. Youll learn how to tap into these healing energies and grounding powers, and how to use crystals to activate your own latent energies and psychic prowess. Lodolite is a kind of included quartz that has different color and type inclusions. Upwards of four thousand years since her incarnation, the name Medusa maintains a strong cultural resonance. It can also help with chest pains, respiratory issues and even circulation throughout the body. There are many good books that can be helpful in in bringing the Divine Feminine and the power of the Goddesses to you. This is also a crystal of optimism, which we could all do with in todays world of negative media bias and ever more challenges before us as a society. The minerals of Mother Earth are rich in power and magic. flee, for if your eyes are petrified in amazement, she will turn you to stone. Our in-depth articles explore numerous such means of tapping into these energies, as well as how to maintain and care for the more sensitive crystals in your collection. Obsidian for protection, grounding, and inner strength. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. Medusa Crystals. Serpentine is a stone that works with the lower chakras, and as such, it can help to alleviate any preoccupations you have with the physical world or with physical intimacy. Of course, those tumbled stones come from raw crystals themselves, which many people prefer. In tarot and astrology, the moon is associated with secret feelings and hidden intentions, although not necessarily cruel ones and the same is often true of this crystal. Crystals are a group of minerals. Each of the crystals in the Goddess Gallery is hand selected and suitable for bringing the power of the Goddesses and the Divine Feminine into your life and home. She transformed Medusa into a terrifying creature with snakes for hair and a face that literally turned those who gazed at her to stone. Get more use and power from your crystals with the new Modern Witch's Guide to Crystal Power. Hermaphroditus was an immortal son of Hermes through Aphrodite. This stone is also fantastic for clearing away stress and worry. Either way, Athena was furious. The earliest portrayals of Medusa show a grotesque part human, part animal creature with wings and boar-like tusks. Raw crystals are often among the most powerful of ways to tune in to a protective stone, or powerful healing stones in general. The fact that it is a rare gem makes it a great crystal to possess. But alongside strengthening these parts of ourselves, Citrine also promotes the idea of growth. The minerals of Mother Earth are rich in power and magic. Black Tourmaline forms a strong barrier between you and others, and ensures that you cant be dragged into drama or emotional blackmail. We delve into the science, but also the spiritual meaning of both decorative jewelry gemstones and more traditional healing crystals. If you are looking to end bad habits or overcome what is holding you back, Pyrite is definitely your friend. It can be used to destroy or overwhelm any other power. A German folk belief, documented as late as the eighteenth century, suggests that if a menstruating womans hair is buried in Earth, it will become a snake. Thats the Greek myth. Crystal Vaults Blue Lace Agate has a mystical appearance, and lots of depth in the way light plays off even the simplest piece of it. Algol, usually considered a star of ill-fortune, is traditionally perceived as representing Medusas eye. In fact, it could be said that this is one crystal thats ideal for getting to the bottom of some of yours, too. You either love this gemstone or hate it, there is no middle ground. Well Medusa Quartz is a gemstone that could easily be advertised in the same way. Looking for a particular Crystal to add to your collection? She is astute in the ways of protection and lends her guardianship to those who need her most. In the Homeric Hymn to Pan, Pan's mother ran away from the newborn god in fright over his goat-like appearance. Poseidon courted her. It seems like all the mystical and ethereal colors you could imagine swirl into shapes within a piece of Labradorite. It will bring energies of manifestation in your life so that you will be able to fulfill your hearts desires. Aussie Owned Online Crystal Shop with unique gems and minerals from all over the world for you! The three-dimensional appearance of the paintings of Caravaggio and his attention to details made him an artist at par with Leonardo da Vinci. The objective is to promote history on Medium and demonstrate the value of historical writing. Youll also learn how certain colors evoke certain feelings and interpretations. If youre finding your head in the clouds too often, or even if your dreams at night are so vivid that you wake up startled, this stone can give valuable grounding energy. Medusa Quartz is mined in Brazil, in the same location where you find Paraiba Tourmaline. It can help to alleviate all kinds of physical pain and injuries, as well as enhance effective circulation of both the bloodstream and your spirit bodys energy centers. But it also gives you the compassion you need to forgive yourself, and any others who might have wronged you along the way. by Katherine Grayson. Expect international orders to take at least 4-8 weeks to arrive. However, if you feel haunted by events from your past, or otherwise cant let go of old hurt, this crystal can help to heal these spiritual wounds, but also sever your ties to them. Spirit stones are sigil charged crystals and stones using a radionics to imbue them with the energetics and essence of the spirit. She represented the sexuality of men and the ancient Greek's views towards women. Medusa, in Greek mythology, the most famous of the monster figures known as Gorgons. 8. The vibrant orange of Carnelian might look like the warmth of sunset, but this is one stone that will leave you anything but tired. Ambition and a sense of enthusiasm about life all get amplified when the energies of Apatite are let into your life. As one of the most well known of the green crystals, Malachite is a stone that is deeply connected to the heart chakra. Born of the sea gods Phorcys and Ceto, it is often forgotten that Medusa herself is a goddess of the sea. She vowed to be celibate her entire life as a priestess of Athena until she fell in love with Poseidon. Our team is made up of spirit workers and faith healers who can personally attest to the healing powers of crystals and can introduce you to how these stones can help you to release negative patterns, to embrace good fortune and to connect to the angelic realm. It is, in fact, a combination of stones fused together, and its colorings are like a bright summer sky. Of course, there are no real shortcuts to enlightenment, but there are certainly ways to boost your receptiveness to divine guidance, and this stone is one such way. Medusa and her sister Crystal were born to the Inhumans Ambur and Quelin in the city of Attilan. As Medusa is the snake goddess, she embodies Kundalini. From the Egyptian Book of the Dead with Isis, Nuit, and other Goddesses to the recent popularity of The Da Vinci Code, the feminine role has been prominent in legends, religions, and belief systems. The Divine Feminine is an ancient concept found in many of the oldest cultures of the world. This crystal is one of optimism, but it doesnt encourage any illusions in pursuit of that. Medusa, the most beautiful and only mortal Gorgon sister, is a sea spirit. The high vibrations of Lapis Lazuli make it a crystal that is very appealing to anyone wanting to fast track their spiritual growth. Luckily, when those truths are a bit ugly or hard to handle, this crystal also has soothing energies that prevent you getting too hurt. This crystal is not only symbolic of romance, but also the love of family, of ones career, or even love of life itself. These can be cuts off a larger natural formation or a striking centerpiece that accentuates the energies of the stone. They are determined through a combination of experimentation, intuition, and sometimes channeling. It has this magical quality of making life slow just a little just enough to take some valuable you time, sitting on the beach or strolling the garden. This crystal provides a sense of calm when you start to feel overwhelmed. Another myth suggests that Athena possessed more than Medusas head: she flayed Medusa and wore her skin. Her parents believed in tearing down the caste system and overthrowing the Inhuman Royal Family that had ruled Attilan for centuries. Thanks to its black color and overall luster, Obsidian is a crystal that is very evocative and mysterious. Most Greeks painted a protective charm or emblem of their patron god on their shields, both as magical protection and to instill fear in their enemies. While trapped on Earth, Crystal learned more about the Humans from a local man named . Clusters & Geodes At, we take great pride in offering an exhaustive resource for all things related to crystals. This makes it a good stone for those of us looking to enter a new chapter in life a new relationship, a new career move, and so on safely and with confidence. Put a candle, some flowers, maybe a figure or picture, and a few appropriate crystals there. | All Rights Reserved. Furthermore, she is a goddess that helps young ladies to overcome a lack of confidence. When Perseus was sent to kill Medusa, a hopeless task he was not expected to survive, Athena orchestrated the assassination. It awakens a braver side of you, but it does so in a way that isnt superficial. The rich color of this stone is largely associated with the root chakra the very chakra that binds each of us to the physical world. You likely already know that Pyrite is often called Fools Gold, but dont let its comparative lack of monetary value fool you! If we look at the image, we can see that the forehead, bulging eyes, and the widened cheeks of Medusa resemble that of Caravaggio. Medusa embodies menstruations protective powers. Theres a sense of playful risk taking involved with Aventurine. Blue Lace Agate has a mystical appearance, and lots of depth in the way light plays off even the simplest piece of it. These original articles are a starting point and/or additional information for crystal meanings,how to articles, and more, with additional articles on crystal healing, energy work, Reiki, Seichim, gemstone metaphysical lore, crystal formations, and other metaphysical and spiritual topics. As you read more with us, youll see how its simple to see which crystal to choose. Love and Light! Tiger's Eye combines the brilliant energy of the sun with the grounding properties of earth and stone. These are the things that help give you better focus and allow you to take care of things that you need and want to do. If you have been feeling as though your progress in life has been obscured from sight thanks to negative feelings, Smoky Quartz can help to heal that, as well as overcome the pain. This is a calming and peaceful crystal, even if one just considers its colors alone. Astarte - alder, arabic gum, cypress, juniper, myrtle, pine Athena - cinnamon, citrus, cedar, cypress, dragon's blood, geranium, hellebore, oak, olive, patchouli Arianrhod - ivy Baba Yaga - black sunflowers, medicinal herbs, poppies, rye, tobacco Bast (Bastet) - catnip, myrrh, frankincense Berchta - birch, evergreens, flax, wild berries, straw It is a rare but tough gem that looks great in jewelry but also just to have as a crystal with healing properties. Garnet is most popular for being a rich red color, and similarly, this crystal can awaken red hot passion. Athenas participation in the destruction of Medusa may be interpreted as the goddess destroying her own past. Her image was used in Byzantine Greece to protect pregnant women and newborns. Discover the beauty and mystery of Crystals today and add to your Collections! Poseidon persuaded Medusa, and both performed the act at Athenas altar. The Gorgon was also a representation of protection and had symbols. Welcome to Medusa Crystals in Australia! The use of minerals and crystals in rituals associated with Goddesses and the glory of the Divine Feminine have a long history in many cultures. A creative stone that empowered by the air element healing, yellow topaz combines the power of throat and third eye chakras. Each day begins to feel like a new opportunity under this energy, and the positive vibrations you will welcome from this crystal can help you to see the opportunities before you. It inspires abundance as much as ambition, and has a feeling of good luck about it too. Using Tiger's Eye is said to improve focus, will, and personal power. Crystalia "Crystal" Amaquelin is the princess of the Inhumans of Attilan and younger sister of the Inhuman's Queen Medusa. It has the appearance of moss like patches within the stone intermingled with turquoise coloured, irregular spot-like inclusions caused by the presence of Gilalite. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Smoky Quartz helps you to find emotional balance, and it also brings you into greater harmony with those around you ideal if you have been confused by someones behavior of late. In ancient Greek mythology, Medusa is a Gorgon, one of three hideous sisters whose appearance turns men to stone. This distinctive stone has strands and streaks of Tourmaline in the body of the Quartz, and it likewise combines clarity and strength in one handy package. Medusa may manifest as the beautiful goddess she was prior to her transformation or in her classic monster form with contorted face and snake locks. We have selected Serpentine as the stone to represent Medusas energetics. Either way, Athena was furious. However, it also helps those who are just starting on their own soul searching to find their spiritual feet without feeling daunted. Pursuing her, he raped her there. has been designed to be the definitive resource for all things related to crystals. Looking at the long game is what Rhodonite helps to encourage. It also takes away any concerns that you might have. Letting healing crystals into your life allows you to embrace ancient and mystical knowledge. Named for the peak of the Himalayas, K2 Stone is similarly keen to help you climb to new heights. They use varying combinations of crystals, orgone, copper plates, stick plates, and in some cases they can also use an electrical current. Please note: There is a strong undercurrent of vitality to this stone that perks you up and electrifies your mind with ideas and ambitions. The bigger picture is brought into focus when you work with the healing energies of Lepidolite.